What’s in my Aldi Cart? Ad week 1/5-11/22


I was dreaded running errands today because

  • I just didn’t want to do them
  • They are calling for snow so I thought the stores would be packed
  • I didn’t want anything that was on sale this week at Aldi (it’s their “healthy” week sale and mostly packaged food)
  • I didn’t have any meals planned or holidays to shop for.

but I was pleasantly surprised! I did a pick up at Target and they actually had soda and bread. No line at the UPS store.

Aldi had long lines when I went in but by the time I shopped, they were gone and all that was left was older women who called me baby and sweetheart when I retrieved items from tall shelves for them.

With omicron I’ve been trying to go back to shopping less frequently. I was lucky today because although I didn’t want anything on sale and there has been some supply issues, the store was well stocked and the expiration dates were great. None of the meat had sell by dates before next Thursday!

I had some produce leftover from NYE shopping at Trader Joe’s last month but picked up some more to get me though a while.

This week’s haul—

  • I was starving so picked up a take and bake pizza for lunch ($5.99 for the giant sized). I was craving a Mama Celeste pizza recently and had one it and I swear it has gone downhill since I was a kid. It was never great but at least it used to have toppings! The Aldi take and bake supreme is what the Mama Celeste wishes it was.
  • So much meat! I got a beef roast, ground chicken (only $3.29!), ground beef, pork chops, boneless beef ribs, boneless pork ribs, boneless chicken thighs, boneless chicken tenders. It does all have good dates but might end up freezing some. We had really depleted our frozen meat stash.
  • Frozen breaded shrimp ($3.99) is my emergency dinner/lunch option and I’ve been out for a few months
  • Frozen raw, peeled shrimp is my seasonal fave so got a bag to replace one I ate yesterday ($5.49).
  • Mini cutting boards ($5.99) for photos. They are so cute!
  • Baby avocados! $2.49 for a bag of six. I’ve missed avocado.
  • Baby quiche. We did wedding movies and food for NYE and this was on the list but I didn’t see them in time. It was nice having frozen apps though so thought I’d get them for another snacky day. $3.99. Three varieties in one box!
  • Lots of veggies—Brussels sprouts, slaw mix ($1.29), zucchini ($1.29/lb), snow peas ($2.99), cauliflower, broccoli, spinach ($1.29) and splurged on the cut green beans instead of the whole ones ($2.99). I hate prepping green beans!
  • Raclette ($5.99) we actually have a raclette melter (is that what it would be called?) I got on clearance in the before times planning to have it for a game night with friends sometime but we might just need to break it out ourselves.
  • Fake Rice Krispies are still only $1.45 a box.

I really thought it was going to be higher than this! The roast alone was $25.86, the ground beef was $11.98 (about 2 lbs) and beef ribs were around $17. Not to mention all the other meat.

It was $222.38 for 69 items. $3.22 average. A little high but again, the bulk of my cart was meat.

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