What’s in My Aldi Cart, Holiday 2021 Edition

I hate shopping Christmas week so I loaded up! This year we made (and froze) a lasagna for Christmas Day lunch with my family but we still have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner to deal with. We are doing our annual themed movie marathon for NYE. This year our theme is wedding movies so lots of apps and snacks are going to happen. I’m not getting everything for NYE yet but if it had a good date, I got it.

  • Yes, I bought a lot of potatoes. I want to make Moravian sugar cake and baked potatoes this week. $2.99/10!! lbs
  • Sour cream (89¢) and brick cream cheese (79¢) for dip making
  • Frozen corn and bean empanadas for a easy app for NYE ($4.79) a little pricy for Aldi maybe? They are totally something we’ve had at more than one wedding though.
  • Lil Smokies to make pigs in a blanket for NYE ($3.48)
  • Cocoa dusted truffles. I love these. They are totally same as the ones I see in other stores for $$$ but only $2.89 at Aldi
  • Fresh mozzarella for caprese app on NYE ($2.89)
  • Wild, peeled RAW Gulf shrimp. My favorite. I think it used to be an Aldi Find but it might be seasonal now? $6.89. Raw, peeled shrimp is my Holy Grail of frozen seafood for easy meals. Shell-on is a little flavorful but peeled means I will actually make it.
  • Chocolate covered fake peppermint Oreos $2.99. Aldi has a lot of peppermint stuff this year!
  • We didn’t have turkey this year at Thanksgiving because everything went horribly wrong so I bought two tiny turkey breast ($1.79/lb) to make this weekend. They are about 4 lbs each and bone-in, fresh.
  • Truffle goat cheese ($3.49) and truffle cheddar ($4.29) and goat cheese crumbles ($2.89) and feta in a brick/brine ($3.89) and blue cheese wedge ($3.49). All dates going in to March of next year! I think I might make a cheese ball so I’m keeping my options open.
  • Tennessee Hot Chicken Seasoning, Umami seasoning and Elotes seasoning. I think these were an Aldi Find a few weeks ago? I bought some of the hot chicken one a couple weeks ago and used it to make chicken meatloaf and it was surprisingly good and used a lot of it. I bought more while they had it. I like Trader Joe’s elotes seasoning on popcorn and this looked identical. ($2.29/bottle)
  • Braunschweiger They always have it. My grandpop used to eat it when I was really little. Why not? $2.35
  • There is something listed as “salsa/guacamole” on my receipt for $4.49 and I have no idea what it is since I bought neither. Maybe some cheese?
  • 6 pack brioche rolls for $3.89. I think we might do crab cake sandwiches on them for Christmas night.
  • Walnuts $5.49. I don’t love walnuts but I have some recipes that call for them and they make a good cheese ball outer layer. In case I make a cheese ball.
  • Mixed nuts $4.89 Festive!
  • Some Merlot dried salami. I’m skeptical but it was $4.89.
  • Sweetened, flaked coconut $1.29. So cheap!
  • A ceramic bowl shaped like a tomato that I can’t find on the receipt.
  • Oven liner ($4.99) they sell these once a year, I buy a new one every year and never clean the bottom of my oven.

I saw a “dirty martini” spread with olives and blue cheese that looked good so I, being me, bought blue cheese, olives and cream cheese to DIY it. I think stuffing it in some celery for Christmas Dinner might happen.

Total: A lot. I bought 72 items!! Some were on the pricy side for the holidays and I got some food for next week too. $201.02. Still only $2.79 average per item though! They did not have the tree shaped Gouda or the smoked salmon from today’s ad or it would have been more.

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  1. My Pop-Pop was also a devotee of Braunschweiger! I buy it about once every 5 years, because I think it tastes really good, but I don’t want gout. (Pop-Pop had gout.)

    I had such a massive craving for potatoes all day yesterday, and there you were, loading up your cart with potatoes.


    1. Rachel says:

      I think he stopped eating it when I was little so maybe there was some issue? Now I’m concerned lol

      Maybe you were sending me secret messages about potatoes because I already had a bag of Yukon Gold at home and some baby potatoes! I am now going on all an all potato diet.


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