What’s in my Aldi Cart? Ad Week 3/3-10/21


It’s been a while! I haven’t done an in person grocery shop since 12/9/20 as seen in my last post. The virus levels were high, I had a well stocked freezer and we got a few produce deliveries (and a few dairy/bread/produce deliveries from Whole Foods and Weis).

I’ve discontinued our produce delivery after a lot of issues and we made a dent in our small freezer things were starting to get a little sad here. I really missed picking out my own food!

The positives are at about 3.5% so it seemed like a good time to go.

St Patrick’s Day was the order of business. I actually like Easter more for grocery shopping but that looks like next week’s sale items.

  • Bangers. Both Ale and Onion and regular. They freeze well so I got 2 of each. They only sell them a couple weeks a year so I like to stock up! I like them slightly more than the Costco ones (the only other local place that sells them). $3.19
  • Corned beef! Limit 2. I will probably freeze one. $2.99/lb
  • Steaks, stew meat, beef boneless ribs, a roast. We have not had much beef in a long time! All good dates and vacuum sealed so easily freezeable.
  • Ground chicken ($2.99/lb)
  • Take and bake bread ($2-3)-baguette and focaccia. I haven’t seen the focaccia before! Last week was Italian week so maybe it was leftover. Or it’s new?
  • Frozen Rueben bites. I am skeptical but Matt saw them in the ad and was intrigued. It might be fun to make a homemade version of them! $7.99 (seemed steep!)
  • Family sized ravioli (refrigerated, $5.39) in sausage mozzarella and also mushroom
  • Fake mint Oreos $1.99
  • Meyer lemons, lemons and blood oranges and sumo mandarins. I’ve never seen the sumos at Aldi before! ($2-4)
  • Baby avocados ($2.30 for a whole bag!)
  • Red bag chicken ($5.89)
  • Veal patties ($9.99). I’ve never bought them as they are on the high end and I don’t normally eat that much heat and serve food but we have cooked every meal since 3/12/20 and I need some breaks.
  • $1.99 calzone Matt wanted to try

Lots of the regular produce and rolls.

I bought 130 items for $383.46 for an average of $2.90 an item. Not bad! Slightly high but I bought more expensive meat and more prepared food than I would normally.


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