What’s in my Aldi Cart? Covid edition! Ad week 12/9-14/20

It’s been about three weeks since my last shop! I probably could have eked out a little more time between shops but with the rates rising I thought I’d might regret not going now. We were also out of eggs and my dad needed a couple items and I knew I was going to see him this week.

Three weeks isn’t bad though! If I hadn’t gotten the turkey last time, I could have bought more too but space is always a construction.

  • Steelhead trout seems like it might be a regular item now, at least seasonally. I’m glad they are expanding their fresh fish offerings.
  • I had bought another boneless “carving” ham (not an Aldi Find but a seasonal item). I highly recommend it! Very flavorful yet lean. They are not great just for sandwiches but we’ve made great soup and fried rice with it.
  • Long lasting produce like winter squash, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and broccoli.
  • Little tree shaped Gouda! $3.99 A little pricy but why not.
  • Frozen tree shaped gnocchi $3.99(?) I haven’t tried their frozen gnocchi before so I’m looking forward to that.
  • 2 dog sweaters ($5.99) Super well made! They have Velcro in the neckline so it was easier to get them on. Very cute gnome and polar bear designs that look wintery and not too Christmassy.
  • Gravlax ($3.99) and Norwegian flatbread (crackers) for $2.99.
  • “Everything” brioche hamburger rolls $2.99
  • Canned artichokes $1.89

Big total this week! About $10 was grapes, lettuce, broccoli and a big bag of almonds for my dad (great produce deals this week) but I spent $335.51 on 115 items. $2.90 average per item.

I did get some pricier for Aldi items this week—steak, cheese, fish and dog sweaters—and I’m hoping not to have to shop until the new year so I was shopping for Christmas, Hanukkah and NYE all at once.

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