What’s in My Cart? Ad Week 3/11-17/20


I actually still have a fair amount of groceries left from last week because my husband didn’t feel well and we ended up not cooking much. Luckily everything had great expiration dates! I felt like I still needed to stock up due to the coronavirus. My husband’s work is having everyone work at home starting Monday for an indeterminate amount of time, more cases have been found locally, concerts are being canceled, schools are closed, restaurants are limiting hours and I think it is only going to get worse and more widespread.

Aldi (Goucher Blvd, if you are local) is still super well stocked with not only coronavirus supplies but tons of produce, canned goods and meat with expiration dates heading into the first week of April, May if you count sausages, ham, corned beef. I have a good amount of canned goods but I’d rather have fresh food as long as possible. My husband says I can make a good meal out anything but I’d rather not try that hard, to be honest! Who knows how long this will go on. I put some things in our small extra freezer and plugged in our tiny dorm fridge my husband had from an old job that I think I will put vegetables in. Our refrigerator is packed!

I spent the most at Aldi yet!

  • liquid hand soap (89¢), Gatorade (32oz/$1), V-8 ($2.88)
  • frozen butternut squash ($1.85), frozen peas (99¢)
  • frozen seafood: raw, peeled shrimp ($5.49/12 oz), ahi tuna ($4.39), Pacific rockfish ($4.99), Alaska sockeye salmon ($10.99–I think this was in the wrong place, I didn’t realize how much it was until I got home)
  • dried cranberries ($1.29), dried montmorency cherries ($2.49)
  • organic hot salsa ($1.89), various canned beans (49¢)


Also–whatever meat had the best dates, various crackers, basic vegetables.


$170.24 for 65 items or $2.65 an item. Not bad, especially since I bought quite a bit of beef and seafood.


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