What’s In My Aldi Cart? Ad Week 3/4-11/20



I could also call this “What’s in my Aldi Cart? Coronavirus edition. There are only a few confirmed cases in my state but my husband’s work is taking it very seriously and already taking precautions to limit employee exposure. I didn’t go too crazy but I did get a few extras just in case and picked out items that had really good expiration dates vs picking out whatever I felt like making.

  • Ham is back! I bought a small boneless spiral sliced ham for $11.39.
  • Can’t beat $2.08/lb butter. I was down to maybe 1-2 sticks so I stocked up. If we do end up stuck at home, I’ll have plenty of time to bake!
  • We were almost out of eggs ($1.39/dozen) so I got a ton for possible sweet and savory uses.
  • I bought 6 cans of tuna ($1.15, solid albacore) because I thought we didn’t have any and then when I got home saw we had 4 or more cans already. Oh, well! It doesn’t expire for years.
  • Dill Pickle hummus ($1.95) is either going to be amazing or very gross.
  • $2.19 jarred pesto. It’s pretty tasty and great using on prepared ravioli and tossed with some veggies for a quick dinner. One jar lasts a long time!
  • $2.99 brioche hot dog buns. They are tasty but why are bread products so expensive?! They still cheaper at Aldi than elsewhere but still. It’s actually cheaper to buy fresh bread at the bakery.
  • $2.79 Italian mix shredded cheese and $1.69 ricotta. Both have amazing dates and I have a ton of canned tomatoes and pasta I could turn into a pasta bake in a pinch.
  • How is 5 lbs of all-purpose flour $1.15??

$115.45 for 49 items. Possibly the most I’ve spent on just food in one shop at Aldi! It was pretty meat-heavy and I stocked up on multiple (affordable but still) staples that if we don’t use now we will eventually. $2.35 average price per item which seems about right!


If anyone tries the lobster roll dip, please let me know what you think! I was already getting hummus so I passed but I’m intrigued.



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