What’s in My Aldi Cart? Ad Week 1/15-21/20


I actually went to the other side of the coin, Trader Joe’s, before heading to Aldi today. I know a lot of people are huge Trader Joe’s fans but since I don’t eat a lot of prepared foods in general, I mostly go there for their version of toum, knock off Goddess dressing (which Aldi no longer seems to sell and I mourn) which they were out of and things like mustard and Scandinavian Swimmers. Aldi still wins my heart.

  • I think I might be taking one for the team with this crab rangoon dip ($3.29) but I do sort of love fake crab and it sounds wacky enough to possibly be good? UPDATE: Reviewed here! 
  • “Artisanal bread” is just sliced white bread with a floury top ($1.99). It seems to be a new product. I’m hoping it’s good because Pepperidge Farm’s country white is one of the few items I need to regularly buy at a regular supermarket. UPDATE: we did not like it as much as the PF bread but it’s pretty good, on a par with the Sara Lee bread which it is virtually identical to. I’d buy it again, especially if I had no reason to go to another store.
  • Boneless lamb loin ($7.99/lb) is a little bit of a splurge for Aldi but I thought it would be fun to make. The one I got was only about 2 lbs which is great since we are a family of two. So often lamb is either completely unavailable everywhere or it sold in huge quantities.
  • Breakfast ham ($2.95) looks very similar to Canadian bacon. My husband bought a pack of English muffins lately and I thought maybe DIYing some Egg McMuffins might help us actually finish the pack.
  • More chili sauce ($1.29) I don’t know why this is a seasonal item. When I use a bottle (I topped some chicken meatloaf with it) I try and replace it right away. Who knows when the season ends?
  • Two heads of cauliflower ($1.29) because they keep a long time in the fridge and even at Aldi they are normally around $3 a head.


I spent slightly more than I expected. I guess the lamb pushed me over the edge? I thought it might be lower because I already had some of the ingredients I need for recipes I have in mind and a ton of produce.

$60.98 for 25 items for an average of $2.43 an item.



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  1. I hope this isn’t a duplicate comment. WordPress isn’t being nice.
    Did you go to Towson TJ’s or Reisterstown Road? I need to do a major grocery shopping trip to both Aldi and TJ’s — considering doing it Saturday if the snow/ice isn’t too crazy. Or Monday, since I’m off for MLK.


    1. Rachel Rappaport says:

      Towson TJ’s then Towson Aldi (or you could go to the York Rd one that is in the old Mars).


      1. In Timonium? I didn’t know they put an Aldi there! I actually like that location because the parking lot doesn’t stress me out as much as every other parking lot my various grocery stores have. I’m also considering the Belair Road Weis. I want those pretzel pop tarts and I know they have them.


  2. Rachel Rappaport says:

    It’s new-ish. It has a huge parking lot! It’s one of the bigger Aldis in the area. The Belair Rd Weis is a good one. I go there a lot before heading to the Nottingham Aldi.


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