What’s in My Aldi Cart? Last Week of the Year!


Squeaking in at the end of 2019! This is a pretty pricy shop for me and a bit unusual because I was shopping for groceries for later in the week and for my annual two-day movie marathon theme event for NYE. I wrote about it for theKitchn 10 years ago when we were still doing decade themed parties. When we ran out of decades we moved onto other themes–some more successful than others–and this year it’s games.

  • Frozen shrimp–fully peeled raw shrimp is back! My favorite. Shell-on is slightly more flavorful but peeled is so much easier when you are just tossing it in dishes. $5.49/12 oz.
  • Brick cream cheese (79¢), sour cream (89¢) and 2 8-oz bags of baby spinach ($1.19/each) to make fresh spinach dip. Not sure if it is going to be cream cheese-based but better to have it than not. I can always use it for something else later.
  • Milk ($2.99/organic whole half gallon), eggs ($1.48/dozen) and sugar ($1.57/4 lbs) to make chess pie for NYE.
  • Romaine ($2.39). heirloom cherry tomatoes ($2.89), huge olives ($2.89) for bookmaker’s salad for NYE.
  • Russet potatoes ($3.49) to make Aussie potato wedges for NYE
  • Thin cut pork chops ($6.61) to make bifanas for NYE.
  • Sugar snap peas ($2.89) to make duck noodle salad
  • Shelled sunflower kernels ($1.59) and mixed nuts ($4.99/14.5 oz) to snack on for NYE.
  • Marscapone cheese for $2.89. Nothing planned but what a deal!
  • Tiny plant for $2.99. DE6CACC1-D95E-4A0E-A8E3-E9F8609C8EE5


Total: $97.26 for 38 items. Average: $2.55.  Not too bad! I did get quite a few pricier items this week but I should be in pretty good shape for the rest of the week and have a lot leftover. I was out of a lot of staples too.






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