What’s in My Aldi Cart? Ad week 11/20-6/19


I’m trying very hard not to have to do another big grocery shop until after Thanksgiving. I also braved Trader Joe’s today so I’m exhausted.

  • I’m bringing deviled eggs to Thanksgiving so I bought two dozen and then came home to realize I already had 2 full dozen at home. Eggs for everyone!
  • Set of two fliplock containers ($4.99) seem like dupes for the OXO pop up containers. Each one looks small but holds a little over 7 cups.
  • Brioche hot dogs buns ($2.99). Probably just for hot dogs but they’d be great for a lobster or shrimp roll.
  • It was cheaper to get 10 lbs of potatoes ($2.49) than to get 5 lbs this week.
  • Generic Rice Chex for $1.79. You really can’t beat their cereal prices. I think I’m going to make muddy buddies of some sort because I literally have a case of confectioners sugar to use up.
  • Lots of broth to make soup. $1.19-1.49. I’m not making soup using bone-in meat and I’m out of homemade stock.
  • $1.99 peppermint extract. Only available in the winter, their non-vanilla extracts are a great deal.
  • Still love the under $1 onion dip. I have some horseradish chips from Trader Joe’s that I think are destined for this dip.
  • Bought stewed tomatoes at the last minute. Not sure what that’s about but they were only 45¢. (UPDATE: made this with the tomatoes)
  • Salted caramel chips. I’m intrigued. For $1.69, why not try them out?
  • Coleslaw mix (to use as shredded cabbage) for $1.49 and a salad mix for $2.89 so I don’t have to make a vegetable one night.
  • $1.69 Colby Jack cheese to hide the dog’s pills in.
  • 75¢ for a big bunch of green onions is still the best deal in town. A local supermarket just lowered their price to $1/shoot which would make this package about $8 worth of green onion.
  • $3.89 Carr Valley Mobay Cheese (half goat, half cow separated by grape vine ash)

I spent a little more than expected but not bad! I think I have dinner at least through next Friday? Maybe longer? $81.16 for 35 items so $2.31/item. I also wanted to get a small fresh turkey and didn’t get one. They had them but they were in the big freezer bins for some reason and partially frozen.


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  1. A case of confectioner’s sugar! Good lord. That would take me the rest of my life to use up if it didn’t become clumpy first, which it would, because I can’t even use a small bag of it before that happens.


  2. Rachel Rappaport says:

    I’ve never had confectioners sugar get clumpy! What are you doing to it??!


  3. Anne says:

    Having had lots of experience giving pills to dogs, I suggest that you might try cream cheese as the disguise. At Aldi’s regular price of 65 cents for an 8-ounce block (at least, that’s the going rate where I live), it’s a lot cheaper, although a tad messier, and the doggies love it. (PS: Today I did my Aldi’s run for Thanksgiving, and like you, I tried to get enough other food in so I won’t have to hit the stores at all next week. Whew!)

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  4. Rachel Rappaport says:

    Ooh, that’s a good idea! Thanks!


    1. Anne says:

      Hope it works for you. It only takes a little bit of cream cheese to hide pill. Good luck! And Happy Thanksgiving, too. 🙂


  5. Rachel Rappaport says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope we both don’t have to shop again this week!


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