PSA: Ricer on Sale


This week (sale ends 11/19/19)Aldi has their kitchen cooking utensils on sale. May I suggest you get a ricer? Not only can to use it to make mashed potatoes all ricers, but the Aldi version also comes with some interchangeable discs that you can use to make other dishes like homemade spätzle! I used mine to make pumpkin spätzle recently and it was surprisingly easy. It’s very simple to use. Most ricers (in the US) don’t have interchangeable discs and are more expensive. If you think you’d ever want to make spaetzle, it’s worth checking out. There are other uses for a ricer that you may have thought about too.

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  1. The idea of using a ricer to squeeze frozen spinach is really good. I can never get my spinach dry enough when I’m making spanakopita.


  2. Rachel Rappaport says:

    I thought that was clever too!


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