Aldi Ad Week 5/15-21/19


05-15 092632.jpg

Aldi is ready for us to start grilling!


Meat/Seafood: $2.99 uncured hot dogs, $6.99 shrimp skewers, $5.99 marinated tuna steaks and oddly, a huge thing of salami for $5.99.

Produce: $1.39 pineapples (do they have an in with the pineapple farmers or what?). 99¢ for 20 oz zucchini, 89¢ white mushrooms, 59¢ mangos.

Frozen treats are back! Orange sherbet is only $1.89 and I am tempted. Ice cream is only $1.95. Frozen snacks are a bit more but pretty much all under $3.


Nonfood items: Range Master Grill Toppers $4.99, Gardenline Portable Pop-Up Gazebo $99.99, Range Master 2-Burner Gas Grill $99.99, Range Master Charcoal Starter $12.99. 



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