Aldi Ad Week 4/3-9/19


ad2019-04-03 090227.jpg


The pastels are out at Aldi!

Meat/Seafood: $4.99/lb salt and pepper or BBQ brisket-great price for brisket but I wish they had some unflavored brisket. $1.49/lb boneless pork roast (excellent for pulled pork), $1.79/lb chicken wings.


Produce: $1.89/2 lbs lemons (great deal!!!), nothing else is really in season.

Nonfood items: Aldi has the shopping cart bag ($8.99) again. I did not like it at all but I know some people do! The speckled cookware looks cute and is $12.99 and down. I’m tempted to use the $3.99 silicone molds to make Jell-O, a $129.99 backyard patio tent that looks great, other lawn furniture from $49.99 for a glider on down to $7.99 metal lawn ornaments.


Check the ads out yourself here.

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