Aldi Ad Week 3/27-4/2/19


ad2019-03-27 160001.jpg


Inching closer to Easter!


Meat/seafood: $7.49/lb (fresh) Atlantic salmon. I admit I don’t love Atlantic salmon but I know a lot of people do and this is a good price! $5.99/lb ground lamb. Amazing deal on lamb. It can be tricky to find lamb of any kind in the US so get it if you like it. $1.99/lb St Louis spare ribs. I have never had these but it is great price. $3.99 smoked salmon is one of my favorite Aldi purchased.

Product: $2.29/3 pack bell peppers. I don’t like bell peppers but I had to buy one for a client a while back and now know it is a good deal. 99¢ baby bella mushrooms (aka crimini) are $2.50 on sale at the regular supermarket. $1.29/lb red grapes.

Really weird mash-up of nonfood items this week. Cleaning items, gardening items, dog supplies. You really need to check it out for yourself. They also have a good assortment of Easter candy. I’ve noticed candy prices have really gone up over the year so Aldi’s prices are extra attractive. I’ve seen the Cadbury mini eggs ($2.95 at Aldi) on sale at other grocery stores on super special for 2 for $7.

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