What’s in My Cart? Ad week 3/20-26/19

I think this is one of my most expensive shopping trips to date! I was a little surprised at the checkout but I wasn’t really keeping track. We were out of a few basic things like butter, sour cream, feta etc and it was German week so it added up.

  • Goat cheese and roasted tomato ravioli. It was sell-by this weekend and marked down to 99¢. The last favor we tried (spinach and gruyere) was a little bland but okay. I like having these on hand for dinners when we don’t need/want leftovers so I keep trying the various flavors. UPDATE: they were very good! Possibly our favorite out of the ALDI ravioli assortment.
  • I bought both regular and tomato-basil feta. We were out of regular and I thought the tomato basil might be good with the ravioli. I don’t normally buy flavored feta but for $2.19, I figured it was worth a shot. UPDATE: The tomato basil feta was pretty good. I didn’t get a ton of basil flavor but there were some sun-dried tomato chunks.
  • More country style pork ribs. I made the last batch in the Instant Pot and they came out really well! Thought I’d try it again.
  • German week stuff: I bought a pretzel baguette (looks more like a bâtard to me), and two packs each of schinken and speck. I can’t really get them anywhere else and they had a great expiration date ($2.79). I also bought some German salami ($2.99) and butterkase (a bit steep IMO at $3.49) for my husband to have on half the pretzel “baguette” for lunch. We had it last year on a road trip (don’t ask) and it was pretty good.
  • Pre-seasoned cast iron Dutch oven. It was marked down to $17.49 (from around $25, I think). My previous Dutch ovens have all been enameled and eventually they start to stick or the enamel chips or both so I thought I’d try something new. It’s surprisingly lightweight which may be a good or bad thing.
  • The usual vegetables. I had a very long chat with a fellow customer about how I will buy zucchini out of season but not tomatoes and she felt differently. Her husband sided with me.
  • Jumbo butterfly shrimp ($3.99) is a better deal than the $5 I see it on sale at the regular supermarket and pretty tasty. If you have a convection oven or I guess an air fryer (they are basically the same thing) they come out as crispy and about the same as the fried version you can get at sub shops as part of a shrimp basket.
  • Marshmallows (88¢) to make Marshmallow Lovers Rice Krispies Treats.
  • The (refrigerated) onion dip was only 49¢ . I feel like I should have bought more. Normally it’s 99¢ which already seemed like a steal.

Total: $112.23 (!!!) for 41 items for an average of 2.73/item which seems about, well, average. Oh! They still didn’t have the trout! Is it selling out the minute they open? Are they putting it out days before the sale starts?


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  1. Delora says:

    What’s going on with the trout? LOL. I’m not a weekly shopper (maybe once every 6 weeks to be honest; we generally stock up at Costco), and I’ve managed to get fresh trout twice now, in the middle of the day on Saturday. The first package was really excellent. The second time it had a large fat layer so ended up very oily, but the flavor was good (both times I broiled in my toaster oven, but with different preparations).


    1. Rachel Rappaport says:

      I don’t know! I’ve tried getting there not long after they open on the first day of the sale and it’s never there! Maybe they are only getting a tiny bit in and someone is buying it all? I had it once last year and haven’t been able to catch it since! Other stores in our area don’t really sell trout so it would be nice to get some!


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