Aldi Ad Week 3/20-26/19




It’s German week again! Now is probably your last chance until around October to stock up on many of the Aldi German products they offer each year.


Meat/Seafood: Steelhead trout ($9.99) is back! I still haven’t managed to snag any since it’s been in season despite getting there the day the ad starts. Let’s see if I can do it today! $7.99/lb bison is a good deal, it’s $10-11 at my local supermarket, lots of markdowns on pretty much all of their frozen seafood. Really great deals and much of it is sustainable. If you have space, it is worth stocking up.


No real standouts in produce this week but when I was there recently picking up food for a project, the produce prices have started to drop in general as they are wont to do this time of year as more produce comes into season.

For the German food, I’ve liked any mustard, anything pickled, the plain spaetzle, any sausage, the sliced deli meat, and cheese. I’ve not liked their frozen spaetzle dishes. I haven’t tried their non-Christmas cookies or candies.
Check out the ad yourself here.

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