Aldi Ad Week 3/6-12/19


2019-03-06 103005.jpg


Another week has gone by! It’s very cold here but I’m trying to get up my nerve to go to the store and pick up some of these seafood deals.

Meat/Seafood: Lots of lower prices on seafood this week! I am partial to their bay scallops (the bag is a zip top and you can just shake some scallops in to jazz up a meal) for under $5, the fake crab is $2.19 this week, I’ve tried the Freemont shrimp before but raw, I don’t buy cooked shrimp, and it was very good so it’s worth checking out their other offerings. That’s a great price (9.98/2lb) for Alaskan cod. They are individually wrapped which is great for meal planning and portion control. The jumbo scallops for $9.99 is a great price too, I’ve had them twice before and have not been disappointed (recipe here).  Corned beef flats are in for $2.99/lb.

Produce: California Navel Oranges $2.09/4 lbs(!), asparagus $1.69/lb. $1.39/pint blueberries.

Non-food items: A bunch of office stuff that doesn’t look too exciting from a $70 desk to $40 chair. Knockoff Vans for $7.99 (almost tempted by the palm tree print).


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