Aldi Ad Week 2/27-3/6/19



Finally, February is nearing the end. Perhaps better weather is ahead?

I did not get to Aldi last week because I didn’t do any large grocery shop somehow but I am headed there today because this week is one of my favorite weeks to shop at Aldi. It’s the week they get all the Irish food ahead of St Patrick’s Day! Last year I stocked up on enough corned beef to keep me in deli for a year. Literally.


The big deal is the corned beef points for $1.99/lb. I prefer the flat because it is leaner but the points are okay too. This year it is limit 2, possibly because of me. Also on sale, grass-fed chuck roast for $7.99, $2.99 baby back ribs and $1.69 family pack chicken tenderloins (again, I don’t love Aldi’s family packs, the chicken is always cut oddly), and two kinds of Irish bangers for $2.99. The bangers are pretty good and bangers are pretty tricky to find in the US so I normally get a couple of packs and make bangers and mash.


Navel oranges 4 lb/$2.09, $1.29/lb tomatoes on the vine (out of season but might be okay if imported?), $1.69 asparagus, 49¢ avocados.

Other food: lots of breakfast items are in this week if you are interested in pancake mixes, I’ve heard they are good and one looks like a dupe for Kodiak Cakes, Barissimo Maple Bacon or Bourbon Ground Coffee $3.79 (I’ve heard the maple bacon is gross and the bourbon is good), Simply Nature ORGANIC Tea Latte Concentrate $2.89, Specially Selected Mini Brioche Swirls $2.99.


Nonfood items: A real mishmash this week.

Huntington Home Asthma & Allergy Friendly Bed Pillow $4.99, Holmes HEPA-Type Air Purifier $59.99, First Alert Waterproof Fire Safe Security Chest $24.99, Auto XS Car Seat Covers $14.99, Auto XS Car Jack $29.99, Ambiano Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker $19.99.





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