Aldi Ad Week 2/20-27/19

Finishing up February with some good deals on cookware and pets items. I don’t see special prices for this but there seems to be a lot of frozen, dry and refrigerated Italian products in the store this week.

Produce: I hadn’t bought bell peppers in years until I bought one at “regular” grocery store for a recipe for a client last week so I had no idea what a good deal they were at Aldi. Why are they so expensive? Anyway, $1.89 for 3 is way better than the $1.90 I paid for one. Mangos are only 79¢, and red grapes are only 99¢/lb. 8 oz of mushrooms from Pennsylvania (the mushroom capital of the world is Kennett Square, PA) is only 89¢ which is a ton better than the $2.50 I’ve seen elsewhere. Mandarin oranges (aka “Cuties” are only $2.59 for 3 lbs.

Meat/Seafood: $1.29/lb for Whole, boneless pork butt is a great deal and great for making pulled pork. Organic, grass-fed beef is $4.47/lb but be forewarned that it is sold as a set of 4, the beef pot roast kit is $8.99 and has all you need to make pot roast, I don’t love Atlantic salmon but $8.99 is a good deal.

Nonfood items: I’m tempted by the Crofton Cook, Fry and Serve Pan for $19.99, and the Crofton Bread and Dip Set for $9.99 is super cute! It is designed in a really fun way (the Aldi app has some good pictures of it). I don’t think I can justify it since I have a lot of similar items but maybe if it gets marked down? Very functional looking footed Crofton 5-Quart Colander for $5.99. The tie, belt, and scarf hangers are back for $4.99.

Lots of dog and cat items from litter boxes to beds to safety gates for much cheaper than at pet supply stores.

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