Product Review: Journey to India Tandoori Barbecue Wavy Chips

I am normally an Utz Chips purist (I even like plain best) but when I saw these chips I couldn’t resist. At only $1.79 for a large bag, it seemed worth the risk.

They are really good! Just enough heat and a bit of cumin. The species adhered to the chip very well and the chips in the bag were mostly whole as you can see above.* The chips were quite thick and sturdy. I would think they’d be great dip dippers but since they are so flavored, I’d think most would eat them as-is.

I don’t know if I would immediately think “Tandoori” when I eat them, there isn’t a real yogurt or smoky note to them but they definitely taste “Indian inspired” so if you like unique chip flavors and the spices used in Indian food, they are worth checking out.

There is also a Thai inspired version I am planning to try soon. I miss when ALDI had more “Journey to…” products out. I remember when I first started shopping there a few years ago, they even had “Journey to Australia” items. Perhaps if these chips and their new internationally inspired sauces are popular they might expand the line even further.

*Even much frailer Utz Chips are pretty much all intact from bags I buy at ALDI. My theory is that they don’t get handled as much since they go on the shelf in the same box they arrived to the store in.

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