Aldi Ad Week 7/11-17/18



I haven’t been to Aldi in weeks! Between client work, travel, produce delivery and busy weekends I haven’t had a chance to go nor needed any of my usual ingredients. My mom did pick me up an Aldi quarter keychain though! I swear I will get there this week, I need milk and tomatoes.

Produce: Tomatoes on the vine 89¢ (awesome deal and they have been good lately), 69¢ mangos, baby bella mushrooms 89¢ (these are at least $2.50 at the regular grocery store!) 69¢ avocados.

Meat/Seafood: Bison is back at $7.99/lb. That’s about average price-wise but I know bison can be tricky to find in some areas so worth it. FRESH Sweet Bourbon Atlantic Salmon on a Cedar Plank $9.99. I don’t like sweet fish personally but this is always very popular at my store, FRESH USDA CHOICE Garlic and Herb Marinated Flank Steaks $7.99/lb. This is about how much un-marinated steak goes for in the supermarket so a deal for sure for pre-marinated meat. FRESH Whole Boneless Pork Butt Roasts $1.49/lb these are always huge but great on the grill.

Big focus on their organic line this week, nothing on particular sale but all of their SimplyNature products will probably be in stock and possibly in a special display.

Nonfood items: Big dorm room sale with everything from a $24.99 tv cart to $14.99 comforters for twin or full sized beds. Crofton Deluxe Spiral Cutter $9.99. I have this and it is pretty great! It makes veggie “pasta” and ribbons really well. I feel like this is a lower price than what I paid last year. Crofton Salad Spinner or Mini Chopper $7.99. Crofton Expandable Lunch or Salad Container $6.99.

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