Ad Week 7/4-10/18



It’s the week everyone’s been waiting for! 99¢ quarter holder keychains! They actually look super cute, there’s an Aldi branded one but the other options include a watermelon, a strawberry, and a soccer ball. I’m not sure if I am going to get to Aldi in time to get one! I haven’t done a big shop in weeks, between client work, jury duty, going out of town, the holiday, using up things in the freezer, local produce delivery and this weekend’s plans, I haven’t needed to do a regular grocery shop in a while.


Produce: Nectarines or Peaches 99¢/lb, 25¢ corn on the cob, $2.99/lb Rainier cherries (not a bad price), $1.29/lb strawberries.

Meat/Seafood: Specially SELECTED FRESH Rack of Lamb $9.99/lb (good price and can be tricky to find at regular supermarkets), SimplyNature FRESH ORGANIC GRASS FED Strip Steak $9.99/lb.

This week’s theme seems to be tacos so look for the stores to be fully stocked on some of their usual items like salsa, tortillas and beans.

Other items: lots of accessories for taco night including Crofton Taco Plates, Serving Bowls or Divided Bowls $3.49Per Pack, Crofton Fajita Sizzler Set or Comal $5.99, kitchen/pantry/laundry room organization including Easy Home Over-the-Door Organizer $29.99, Easy Home Dish Drainer and Drainboard $9.99, Easy Home Two Drawer Slide Out Organizer $9.99.


Check out the ad for youself and here are the Aldi Finds only.


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