Product Review: Aldi Gardenline Ladies Garden Boots


I was excited to see these for only $12.99 in a recent Aldi ad. I have a few pairs of rainboots but they all require me to sit down to put them on/zip them up and I’ve been looking for a good pair that I can just slip on and kick off. Our yard gets really mucky whenever it rains and I am frequently chasing dogs out there or tending the garden and these are a much better size for that sort of thing.

I think because they are ankle height–more of a “bootie” than a boot– Aldi calls them “garden boots” vs rain boots.  If it was a truly tremendous downpour, you might be better off in knee-high boots but for day to day sprinkles, gardening or running into puddles, these would be just fine. They are waterproof and comfortable to walk around in. The insole slips out so you can allow it to dry or use your own.

They are available in various floral prints (the tulip is the cutest by far, IMO) and in women’s sizes 7-10. They run large and I had to go down a size.


Two thumbs up!

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