Aldi Product Review: Frick’s Carver Ham

Whoa, this is so good! I’ve bought boneless hams similar to this at Costco. I like these types of hams because despite being on the pricier side for ham (whole, bone-in is cheapest and it goes up from there the more they prep it) it is just straight ham, no real waste and it so easy to cut. It isn’t quite as impressive as carving a whole ham but you can’t beat it for slicing or cubing.

I don’t recall seeing this at Aldi before and I don’t believe it was in their circular but there were a bunch at my local Aldi when I shopped last. In googling, it seems like Frick’s is national brand though one that is not readily available in Maryland.

It was well flavored, smoky but not overwhelmingly so and very lean without being dry. Great ham texture. It is seriously exactly what I am looking for in a ham. At $3.29/lb it is one of the pricier hams at Aldi and the smallest one I found was 4.33 lbs so it is a bit to lay out at once if that is a concern. I do find that once cut it it lasts quite a while if well-wrapped so you don’t have to eat the whole thing in a day or so.

If Aldi still has these when I go back, I think I might pick up another, the expiration date was July and they are quite flat so easy to store in the refrigerator.


I made this soup with some of the ham.

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  1. Billy says:

    Nice “looking” ham minus the flavor of ham.
    What’s with all of the clove?
    It’s all I could taste for 30 minutes after. It reminded me of eating a pumpkin pie with ham.
    Not what I was hoping for.


    1. Rachel Rappaport says:

      I think you may have eaten a different ham than the one reviewed here. There were no spices on this ham.


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