Product Review: Sea Queen Imitation Crab Meat

Living in Baltimore, home of the blue crab, one scarcely wants to admit they eat fake crab, much less enjoy it. I would never use it in a recipe that calls for real crab but as it’s own separate food, I sort of like it.

I feel like it is supposed to mimic king crab legs vs blue crab but I’m not sure. I used to take it in my school lunches occasionally growing up as an alternative to tuna or shrimp salad.

As an adult, I found it to be a little expensive (about $4 for 8oz) and I wasn’t always happy with it–it was a little sweet tasting and the chunks were sometimes a little pasty in texture. Yuck!

Then I saw this at Aldi and for $1.88 I figured I’d try it. It is also made from sustainable seafood which a lot of the more expensive brands were not. I made it into a simple salad with Old Bay, mayo, celery, cucumber and red onion and thoroughly enjoyed it! It wasn’t sweet, it was nicely meaty and not mushy and even the leftovers were good! It also wasn’t overly wet, which sounds odd, but some brands were weirdly juicy. I even bought more and made it into a pasta salad.

I give it two thumbs up. If you are someone who secretly or not likes fake crab or California rolls (avocado and crab stick aka imitation crab) it is worth picking up. I felt like it was better than the national brands by quite a bit.


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