6 Last Minute Aldi Stocking Stuffers


  1. Any of their European chocolate bars ($2.29 and under) would be a great treat. Bonus: they are available every day at Aldi so the chances they would be out of stock are slim.
  2. $1.99 Specially Selected Carmel Waffles. Actually stroopwafels, these are crisp waffles filled with caramel. Set them on top of a mug of any hot beverage and it will melt the caramel.
  3. Southern Grove Extra Large Roasted and Salted Pistachios ($8.99/17 oz) are a classic choice and come in a cute drawstring tote.
  4. $1.99/4 lb navel oranges are a welcome retro choice.
  5. Specially Selected Dark or Milk Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies ($2.29).
  6. Flavored creme-filled wafer rolls ($1.29) are festively wrapped and ready to go!



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  1. Thanks for these ideas, Rachel — I still need a few things for my family, and Aldi looks like a great choice as a last-minute stop.
    Also, I know people our age always think it’s funny that our grandparents were supposedly thrilled to get some citrus fruit in their stockings, but citrus is so good at this time of year that I’d love to get a bag of oranges or box of tangerines as a gift!


  2. Rachel Rappaport says:

    I don’t think it is weird they were thrilled, Grandpop lived in Pigtown with an outhouse and only cold water so I think anything was pretty thrilling 🙂

    I haven’t really had any citrus this year! I will have to pick some up. Tangerines are my favorite and I honestly don’t think I’ve had any in a couple of years.


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