What’s in my Cart? Ad week 12/13/17-12/19/17

I think this shop won for the most I have spent at Aldi in one trip to date! $132.02. I didn’t grocery shop last week at all  (so it was nearly two weeks since my last grocery store visit) for various reasons and I avoid big shops right before holidays so my goal was to get food for the rest of this week and hope to get us straight through Christmas weekend. I think I will probably need a couple of things next week but I should be able to avoid a major shop.

This trip was particularly meat heavy and included some holiday treats which added up.

  • Boneless leg of lamb. At $5.99/lb this was the priciest item. They had plain or rosemary-garlic. Normally I could get plain but I was planning to put rosemary and garlic on it anyway and the seasoned ones were smaller. Mine was a little under 3 lbs for $15.51. I swear I saw lamb on the Aldi app a week or so ago and then it disappeared but it was there in the freezer. I’m glad because lamb is expensive and can be tricky to find. UPDATE: the lamb was great. I cooked it in the slow cooker (a tiny 1 1/2 quart one) for 10 hrs then sliced it for pita sandwiches. Very flavorful.
  • Two bottles of shelf-stable pesto ($1.69 each). My favorite of the store bought pestos and good in a pinch.
  • Marinated pork sirloin roast ($2.49/lb). Had a New at Aldi sign so thought I’d check it out. They were pretty small so you might need to buy two if you have a larger family. I bought two and plan to freeze one. Perfect for a night where I’d rather concentrate on a side dish or am in a hurry.
  • A dog sweater for our pughuahua. Size small, she loves it. For $3.99, why not. I bought the snowman one so it wasn’t too Christmas-y so she can wear it all winter.
  • Beef sirloin tip roast ($3.99/lb). I don’t think I’ve ever made one before so that will be a fun adventure.
  • Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli ($2.99) that was from a couple of weeks ago but they still had it. We had tried the chicken variety that was on sale then too but it didn’t taste like anything while the smoked mozzarella one was legit tasty. Paired with the aforementioned pesto and some veggies tossed in, it makes a good quick meal.
  • I did get the dates ($2.49) as I predicted. They look great. Now I have to figure out what to make with them. Some sort of British-y Christmas-y dish?
  • Four big cans of crushed tomatoes (79¢/each) because I think we are making lasagna for both Christmas and NYE this year.
  • Baking stuff: unsalted butter ($2.25/lb), more baking chips ($1.79), slivered almonds ($2.89), peppermint extract ($1.99), Betty Crocker hollyberry sprinkles ($2.49), brick cream cheese (79¢). UPDATE: I made Soft Sugar Cookie Squares using the hollyberry sprinkles. Recipe here on my recipe blog.
  • Frozen Wild Salmon filet ($5.99). I haven’t seen these in ages, it is the kind with the herbs on top that you can bake from frozen. It was surprisingly good last time.
  • Holiday candy: cocoa dusted truffles ($2.89) and dark chocolate cocoa nib pralines ($3.99). Both are amazing and worth it.
  • Various fruits and veggies. Fresh spinach ($1.49/lb), Snap Dragon apples ($2.99/bag) which were very good, cranberries (99¢), lemons ($3.49/2 lb bag–8 lemons), cauliflower (99¢).
  • Peanut butter powder ($3.49). Thinking about making groundnut stew.
  • Peppermint Moose Tracks ice cream ($2.89). I didn’t love Aldi’s ice cream sandwiches (too soft) but I haven’t tried their regular ice cream before. UPDATE: ice cream was good! Not too soft, good mint flavor.
  • Bought one of those salad bowls I Instagrammed the other day. For $2.79, it seemed like a good choice for lunch when I don’t have leftovers for dinner to eat. UPDATE: reviewed it here.
  • Bought weird bourbon flavored soda ($3.99). Will report back.

Final thoughts:

Aldi did not have baby cucumbers today. I also didn’t get ricotta cheese because the date was too close. I didn’t see the slate cheese board I wanted. My husband is going to look for it at the Aldi near his work tomorrow. Besides that, I pretty much got everything I needed.  I spent $132.02 and bought 48 items for an average of $2.75 per item. Not too shabby especially since I bought a lot of meat and chocolate. Plus that ridiculous sounding soda.

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  1. Did you see a cat scratching-house that looks like a gingerbread house? My friend Dusti got hers from an Aldi in NC, and it looks really cute. I’d love to get one for my girls.


    1. Rachel Rappaport says:

      I did! It is super cute. I went to the one in Nottingham and they had a ton. That sort of thing goes quick though so if you want it, head on over!


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