Review: Crofton Cast Iron 5-Quart Braiser

I’ve had the cast iron enameled braiser ($29.99) a few weeks now and have used it twice. Once to make a chicken thigh dish and once to make cranberry-apple butter. Both times it worked very well!

The heat is very evenly distributed along the pan and the lid has bumps on it so steam condenses and drips onto the contents evenly. This is a feature of Staub braisers which are about $216 for a slightly smaller 4-qt braiser.


The oval shape means that long cuts of meat (think brisket) can lay flat and for things like my apple butter, it cooked quickly and evenly because there was a thinner layer of apples than it would be in a taller, narrower pot. The pot is super easy to clean because nothing seems to stick to it. Not even the sugary, fat-free apple mixture:


From the Aldi description the braiser features:

– Even heat distribution
– Assorted colors
– Porcelain-enameled interior and exterior
– Self-basting lid
– Oven-safe stainless steel knob
– Integral cast handles
– Oven safe up to 400°F
– Recipes included
– 2-year warranty

What more could you want? It cooks like a dream for a fraction of the cost of the same thing from other brands. The only drawbacks are that 1. it is heavy so keep that in mind if lifting is an issue. 2. it does take up a whole burner and depending on your stove, it may be difficult to cook things directly next to it. Neither of these issues are deal breakers for me as they would be the same for any cast-iron pot this size.

Two thumbs up!


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  1. I was curious about these, but didn’t up purchasing one, wish I had read this review first!

    I’ll have to wait until they come around again, and then definitely thrift one up : )


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