Aldi Ad Week 11/15/17 through 11/21/17


This is really the last ad before Thanksgiving unless you want to shop the day before so stock up! I personally avoid going to any supermarket after the one week until Thanksgiving mark so I  hope to get there tomorrow! Remember, if you buy a frozen turkey, it takes about 5 days to defrost.

Worth checking out: 10 lbs Russet (baking) potatoes for $1.59, onions 79¢/3lbs, celery 69¢/bunch, 79¢ cranberries again, frozen 99¢/lb Butterball turkey, $1.19/lb FRESH turkey (great if you are having an early Thanksgiving!) glazed ham for $1.89/lb, frozen bone-in turkey breast for $1.39/lb.


Loads of baking stuff on sale! 99¢ confectioners sugar or brown sugar, $1.79 chips including chocolate of various types and butterscotch, $1.99 holiday extracts, $1.69 holiday spices. Also, a silicone baking mat is on sale for $2.99 (reviewed here).

Read the ad yourself at the Aldi site.


Appleton Farms Boneless Spiral Sliced Ham, $2.99 Per Lb.

Appleton Farms Smoked Ham-Butt Portion, $1.19 Per Lb.

Appleton Farms Smoked Ham-Shank Portion, $0.99 Per lb.

Appleton Farms Spiral Cut Double Glazed Brown Sugar Ham, $1.89 Per Lb.

Appleton Farms Spiral Sliced Half Ham, $1.69 Per Lb.

Butterball Whole Turkey, $0.99 Per Lb.

Fresh 73% Lean Ground Beef, $1.99 Per Lb.

Honeysuckle White Bone-In Turkey Breast, $1.39 Per Lb.

Honeysuckle White Fresh Whole Turkey, $1.19 Per Lb.

Maple Leaf Whole Duck, $2.49 Per Lb.

SimplyNature Fresh, Organic 100% Gress Fed Chuck Roast, $7.99 Per Lb.

Specially Selected Panino Tray, $11.99


Celery, $0.79 Each

Cranberries, $0.99 Per 12-oz. Pkg.

Green Beans, $0.99 Per 16-oz. Pkg.

ORGANIC Baby Rainbow Carrots, $1.49 Per 12-oz. Pkg.

Pineapple, $1.49 Each

Russet Potatoes, $1.99 Per 10-lb. Bag

SimplyNature Organic Spring Mix, $3.79 Per 16-oz. Pkg.

Yellow Onions, $0.99 Per 3-lb. Bag

Frozen Seafood:

Sea Queen Crab Cakes With Cocktail Sauce, $5.49

Sea Queen Shrimp Ring, $6.99


Countryside Creamery Butter Quarters, NOW $2.29 Each

Friendly Farms French Onion Dip, $0.99

Happy Farms Cream Cheese or Fit & Active Neufchâtel Cheese, NOW $0.79

Happy Farms Preferred Cranberry White Cheddar Cheese, $2.99


Appetitos Appetizers, $1.49

Bake House Creations Crescents Rolls, NOW $0.99

Bake House Creations Pie Crusts, $1.39

Baker’s Corner Baking Chocolate, $1.49 Each

Baker’s Corner Coconut Flakes, $1.29

Baker’s Corner Cookie Mix, $1.59 Each

Baker’s Corner Morsels, $1.79 Each

Baker’s Corner Pumpkin Pie Mix, $2.29

Baker’s Corner Sugar, $0.99 Each

Baker’s Corner Sweetened Condensed Milk, NOW $1.19

California Copperwood Merlot, $5.99, 750 ml

Chef’s Cupboard Homestyle Turkey Gravy, $0.89

Chef’s Cupboard Instant Mashed Potatoes, $1.29

Chef’s Cupboard Stuffing, NOW $0.79

Chile Dancing Flame Red Blend, $6.99, 750 ml

liveGfree Gluten Free Cheddar Biscuit or Cornbread Mix, $2.29 Each

liveGfree Gluten Free French Fried Onions, $2.69

liveGfree Gluten Free Stuffing, $2.89 Each

L’oven Fresh Brown & Serve Rolls, $0.99

Milo’s Tea Company Sweetened Iced Tea, $2.79

SimplyNature Organic Broth or Chef’s Cupboard Cooking Stock, NOW $1.49 Each

Southern Grove Almonds, NOW $2.99

Southern Grove California Golden Raisins, $2.79

Southern Grove Chopped Pecans, NOW $4.99

Specially Selected Artisan Crackers, $2.99

Stonemill Holiday Baking Spices, $1.69 Each

Stonemill Pure Extracts, $1.99 Each

Household Goods:

Ambiano 3.5-Quart Casserole Slow Cooker, $19.99

Ambiano 4.6 – Quart Stand Mixer, $24.99

Ambiano Electric Knife With Storage Case, $14.99

Ambiano Hand Mixer, $12.99

Crofton I-Gallon Beverage Dispenser, $6.99

Crofton 3-Tier Cooling Rack, $6.99

Crofton 3-Tier Serving Stand, $9.99

Crofton 45-Piece Flatware Set, $29.99

Crofton 4-Cup Batter Dispenser or 5-Cup Flour Sifter, $4.99

Crofton 50-Piece Assorted Food Storage, $7.99

Crofton 6-Piece Holiday Glass Storage Bowls, $9.99

Crofton Adjustable 3-Tier Oven Rack, $7.99

Crofton Apple Peeler, $9.99

Crofton Baking or Pastry Utensil, $3.99 Each

Crofton Bamboo Carving Board, $9.99

Crofton Cookie Sheet Assortment, $3.99 Each

Crofton Marble and Acacia Artisanal Board, $9.99

Crofton Mega Bakeware, $8.99 Each

Crofton Mini Silicone Utensil, $1.19 Each

Crofton Porcelain Appetizer Dishes, $6.99 Each

Crofton Porcelain Tableware Assortment, $3.99 Each

Crofton Roasting Pan With Rack, $8.99

Crofton Silicone Baking Mat, $2.99 (reviewed here)

Crofton Silicone Pastry Mat, $9.99

Crofton Stoneware Baking Dish Assortment, $6.99 Each

Easy Home 6′ Folding Table With Wheels, $34.99

Easy Home Vinyl Padded Folding Chair, $12.99

Hunting Home 2-Piece Fall Kitchen Towel Set, $4.99

Huntington Home 2-Piece Placemat Set, $3.99 Per Set

Huntington Home 4-Pack Votives or 12-Pack Tealights, $2.99 Each

Huntington Home Damask Tablecloth With Napkin Set, $8.99 Per Set

Range Master 2-Pack Multipurpose Lighter, $2.99


6″ Poinsettia, $3.49

Thanksgiving Centerpiece, $9.99

Children & Adult Clothing and Accessories

Adventuridge Ladies’ or Men’s Softshell Jacket, $19.99 Each

Adventuridge Ladies’ or Men’s Winter Gloves, $6.99 Per Pair

Adventuridge Men’s or Ladies’ Merino Wool Socks, $4.99 Per Pair

Serra Ladies’ Suede Boots, $17.99

Serra Ladies’ Tights, $4.99 Each

Lily & Dan Girls’ Cozy Boots, $9.99

Lily & Dan Girls’ Tights, $2.99 Each

Alcohol (not available at all stores)

Arosa Sparkling Moscato Rosé, $5.99 750 ml.
William Wright Chardonnay, $6.99 750 ml.
William Wright Reserve Pinot Noir, $9.99 750 ml.
Moiselle Sparkling Moscato, $6.99 750 mL.

Columbia Valley, Washington, Crystal Creek Cellars Riesling, $6.49, 750 ml

Giretto Pinot Grigio, $5.99 750 ml.


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