Field Trip: Aldi Washington Blvd, Baltimore, Md


We were on the way back from an event down near Washington DC  so we thought we’d check out another Aldi while we were out. We tried to stop at the Aldi in Beltsville, Md but the parking lot was so tiny it was completely filled and there were lines of people circling! The store was on a major street and there was nowhere else to park anywhere near the store. So we got back in the car and headed up I-95 to the Washington Blvd. location (3140 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21230) in Southwest Baltimore.

The Washington Blvd location is a bigger store than the one I normally shop at which is small and in a strip mall. It has a very large parking lot and was a free-standing store. It is only a few blocks off of I-95 which was handy.

Tons of aisles with tons of items. I found a few items my store runs out of quickly. It also had a large discount section (Halloween was well represented) which was interesting as my usual store pretty much never has anything marked down at all.

It did not have a refrigerated produce section and that was disappointing, the produce looked fine and turnover looked high but I know from experience that unrefrigerated produce spoils more quickly.  It did have fresh herbs but they were in the cheese section rather than with produce. The frozen turkeys and ducks were in a standing freezer rather than the chest freezer I normally see them in.

Current holiday items were spread throughout the store (cookies with their year-round cookies, holiday drinks with regular juice etc) rather than in a separate section or end cap like at my regular Aldi. There were some seasonal end caps but not many. There were also a lot of this week’s (and some previous weeks’) Aldi Finds in stock–I wonder if they get more of each item in because it is a bigger store? Something to keep in mind if you are looking for a specific Aldi Find!

Hopefully, the store will be remodeled soon with a refrigerated produce section; it was very busy! The store was also clean and the staff was pretty efficient in ringing up people and keeping the line moving. There were also a lot of empty boxes in the bagging area for customers without bags to use.

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