6 Things I Buy Every Week at Aldi


      1. Eggs. The price fluctuates but I’ve seen (nonorganic) large eggs for as little as 59¢ a dozen. ALDI SimplyNature Organic Cage Free Brown Eggs are generally around $2/dozen.
      2. ALDI Roseland Marinated Pork Tenderloin. Now that my husband is back at school, I’m making dinner later and later each night. This tenderloin (we like the mesquite flavor the best) is a great shortcut to dinner and the leftovers are easily repurposed as sandwiches for the next day’s lunch. At about $2.49/lb, I can’t beat it! It freezes easy too as it is sold in a vacuum pack.
      3. Milk. ALDI  SimplyNature Organic Milk is normally around $2.50 for a half gallon–much better than the nearly $6 I was paying at a typical grocery store. Prices do fluctuate but it is always a wonderful deal. The milk always has excellent expiration dates as well.
      4.  Hummus. ALDI Little Salad Bar Hummus (I like garlic or spicy red pepper–which is actually spicy!) is $1.79 and super creamy. Almost as creamy as the hummus I had at Zahav which is famous for their hummus. Aldi frequently has rotating seasonal flavors of hummus for slightly more (about $2-3) which are quite tasty too.
      5. Mini Cucumbers. Conventional ALDI (the brands vary) mini cucumbers come in 1 lb bags for around $2. During the summer, I’ve seen them as low as 99¢/pound. Organic mini cucumbers are around $3/lb. Each bag is about 8 mini cucumbers. I like to cut them into spears and dip them in hummus.
      6. ALDI Specially Selected Plain Sliced Brioche Loaf ($3.49). Slightly sweet and soft, I use it for sandwiches (it makes a great grilled cheese) and in my crab cakes. They also have loaves of plain white or wheat bread for about 99¢.

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